Spare Parts

Unimac Spare Parts Department – Faster and Better than ever!

In order to guarantee a 360° service, Unimac offers not only Technical Support for their customers, but also a supply of original spare parts for Unimac machinery.

In fact, a dedicated staff, Magda Bonafè, is committed to satisfy every kind of request for customers’ spare parts needs. The goal is to ensure a prompt response to all our customers and short delivery times for spare parts requirements.

The use of standard components for the entire range of Unimac products allows for:

  • proper functioning of Unimac machines over time;
  • total compatibility of spare parts with those originally supplied with the machinery;
  • the union of Spare Parts Service and Technical Support Service, giving customers the assurance of working with a helpful partner in UNIMAC to meet customers’ needs.

To contact the Unimac spare parts department, please e-mail your requests for spare parts to:

To help organize you requests for spare parts, providing important information to Unimac, please use the form to identify what you require.

Unimac Spare Parts ordering form