Plastic coated metal handle production line

For over 20 years, Unimac has developed fully automatic lines and assembly machinery to produce metal handles, providing high quality standards and productivity. Unimac’s experience is of extreme importance to be able to reach productivity levels where machinery movements are counted in tenths of seconds, providing constant repetition of quality output at high speeds.

There are three major strengths for Unimac handle manufacturing equipment:

360⁰ of Safety does not only cover the construction phase of the equipment that respects all safety standards, norms and laws, but also to provide a finished product that the market considers to be produced to the highest industry standards regarding quality and safety.

For Unimac, Innovation signifies the ability to continuously renew our ability to engineer new ideas and projects to meet the needs of the customer. Researching and incorporating the latest technology for electronic systems, efficiency in movement of the workstations, labelling and laser marking technology, vision inspection, etc. are all part of the ongoing process to improve, create new opportunities for our customers and provide a reliable solution.

Considering all the active Unimac metal handle production lines in the world today, they produce an average of 2 Million handles per day. Unimac is the global leader in metal handle manufacturing technology, thanks to the speed and stability in the equipment.


Technical Data

Tube Mill Specs.
Speed (m./min) 50 70 90 110
Installed Power (kW) 180 203 250 280
Welding Power (kW) 35 50 75 90
Productivity (Handle length 1133 mm)
Number of Metal Handle/Hr. 2647 3606 4766 5825
Handle Assembly Machine
Number of Stations Simple H2 H3 H4
Packaging Machine Specs.
Packaging from 10 to 24 metal handles per bag
Number of Welding bar 3 (1 horizontal, 2 vertical)


Width Min (mm) 53*
Width Max (mm) 80*
Thickness min (mm) 0,25
Thickness max (mm) 0,4
Suggested Steel Specs. E335 / FE590 / ST60-2
*according to the diameter to be produced: Coil width = Ø metal handle ∙ π


Diameter min (mm) Ø 17
Diameter max (mm) Ø 25.4
Length min (mm) 400
Length max (mm) 1500
Plastic Coated Number of color up to 3 (according to the number of Extruders)