unimac the company

Located in the heart of Italy’s technology and manufacturing region, Unimac leads the Industry in manufacturing machines and automation to produce Power Brushes as well as complete lines and automation for the production and assembling of metal handles.

Unimac’s factory is in Castelfranco Emilia, a town between Modena and Bologna in Northern Italy. As of the year 2019, Unimac is part of Borghi S.p.A.

Unimac’s production process, whether mechanical or electronic, are the result of the synergies with the Borghi and its partnerships with the best prominent suppliers. Thanks to the structure Unimac has created, all processing stages are carefully monitored so that the reliability of their products are built to last.

Unimac aims to satisfy the necessities of customers through:

  • Technical Experience

Decades of experience in the manufacture of customized machines provides Unimac with cutting-edge professionalism in the specific area of production of equipment for Power Brushes and Metal Handles.

  • An Integrated Process

Unimac’s premises incorporates the main offices as well as the production department all under the same facility. Unimac offers an all-inclusive service from the first draft of the project to training and warranty service.

Brush models unimac
Power brush unimac
  • Research and Development

Every project developed by Unimac is the result of in-depth research and collaboration with the customer. A specially appointed team is committed to the continuous study of the links between products, environment and resources. The results of this work contribute to the definition of new concepts and products whose realisation is then assigned to the R&D department.

  • Designing and Testing

A team of engineers, technicians and designers are responsible for the creation of prototypes and product testing to ensure customer satisfaction.

  • “Know-How” Transfer

Unimac has understood the importance of making its know-how available to their customers, especially for the after sales production – the job does not end with the delivery and the installation of the machinery. Unimac supports customers through a full training both during Factory Acceptance Tests and Site Acceptance Tests.

For over three decades, Unimac has delivered hundreds of machines throughout the world, providing reliable production and customer service to keep customers satisfied and successful with their production needs.