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UNIMAC introduces new technology for metal handles

UNIMAC introduces new technology for metal handles


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Unimac has developed a new induction welding system to add more holding power for plastic hangar-caps assembled onto plastic-coated handles.  Regarding increased safety requirements for hangar-caps adhering to metal handles, in the 2017 Unimac developed a new welding system by induction that fixes the cap onto the plastic-coated handle. The process improves the tear resistance of the hangar cap and handle more than the usual fixing method used until today (press-fit cap to handle, or glue). Tests performed by UNIMAC reveal that using the new induction welding technology, the cap can support a weight of 50 Kg (110 pounds) without breaking free of the metal handle.

The entire process is completely automatic and does not affect the old cycle time of the UNIMAC metal handle assembly machinery. This new technology includes an auto-diagnostic system that detects and measures the efficiency of the system.

All metal handle assembly machinery made by Unimac in the past can host this new welding system.  Also, a chiller is required that can be provided by UNIMAC. In case the customer does not have a Unimac metal handle assembler, a manual version of this technology can be provided as a stand-alone version, where the operator manually can weld one or more handles per cycle.

For further information, please contact UNIMAC.