About us

Located in Castelfranco Emilia (Modena) Italy Since 1983 we have been designing and producing
lines for the manufacturing of broom handles, thin-wall tubing.

Our production is specialized in automatic machines,
conveyors, robots, equipment for industrial assembly and automatic control systems.

The handle production line is characterized by high automation, high quality:

·         modular systems in the configuration of the tube in its components;
·         welding station with high efficiency and high degree of finishing;
·         availability of options for increasing the flexibility of the production
          with two diameters and quick changeover system;
·         fully automated or semi-automated coil feeding systems;
·         complete diagnostics for a better management of the production line.

Unimac also specializes in complete production automation
or specific-use machinery and technology to produce used to manufacture:

·         Wheel brushes
·         Twisted Knot brushes
·         Cup brushes
·         Wafer brushes
as well as quality control equipment for power brushes,
Machinery to convert wire from spools to cut-to-length bundles
and equipment for crimping wire to be fed into power brush machinery.


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